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We are a bilingual accounting and consulting firm that does “all you need,” from taxes and accounting to consulting on business process improvements.

Local US CPA firms generally differ according to their fields of specialty. Most firms that specialize in taxes or accounting will either turn down other types of work or charge higher additional fees to do it. At HY Advisors, our philosophy is “client’s perspective to do everything right.” Our mission is that, by leveraging our network of US CPAs in Japan along with client resources, we work closely with clients to provide the accounting and consulting services they need, with integrity and in a timely manner.

Firm A Firm B hyal
Tax/Accounting *2
BPR consulting N/A N/A
Onsite support ?*1 N/A
Consultant designation N/A N/A
Consultant change N/A N/A
Bilingual capability

*1 Higher additional fees may apply.
*2 We do not provide tax services to individuals.

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