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KF, Project Leader at a Japanese Subsidiary
of a US Manufacturer

“We asked Mr. Yoneda from HY Advisors for an accounting review of our legal documents or contracts. In doing so, he provided appropriate advice in a timely fashion despite constantly tight deadlines, and they maintained a close relationship with our US headquarters. I was very impressed by their true professionalism. I would recommend HY Advisors’ superior services to anyone.”

OJ, President of a Japanese Subsidiary
of an EU Manufacturer

“We have again a strong in-house accounting department with your support!”

【Client/Project Name】
Interim Finance Function Support
November 2011 ‒ January 2013
【Consultant’s Primary Roles】
1. Assume full Finance Senior Manager’s role and part of Finance Director’s role
2. Rebuild local Accounting Team to perform properly and consistently

1. What situation or problem did you need to solve?

Due to the departure of 2 most senior finance staff within a 3 week period, our company needed urgent hands-on support to execute finance operations. Things were even more complex because this happened in November 2011, so the Year‒End closing package had to be prepared in January 2012.

2. What were the results of working with the consultant?

Consultant members took up the challenge immediately and managed to close the books for 2011. As it took longer than expected to find suitable new employees to fill the key finance positions Consultant staff continued support until the end of 2012. It turned out that with an efficient approach to work all finance operations could be done by 2 FTE compared to 3 in previous years.

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