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Consulting Fee Schedule

At HY Advisors, we provide clients with the specialized services they need only for the period required. We use a standard hourly fee schedule as shown below, according to the skill levels of our consultants.
We may use fixed prices or variable rates depending on the complexity, size and duration of the project as per our agreement with the client.
In addition to consulting fees, our monthly invoices also include incidental expense reimbursements such as our consultants’ transportation expenses.
Please note that we do not provide Japan tax services.

Consultant Level Standard Hourly Rate
(JPY excl. consumption tax)
Level 1 11,000
Level 2 15,000
Level 3 17,000
Level 4 20,000
Level 5 25,000
Level 6 35,000

Free Estimates: We can provide free estimates for project duration and total costs during an initial interview. However, we may charge fees for separate interviews with business divisions that are part of the project.

Areas Served

Tokyo metropolitan area
Other domestic and overseas sites as requested

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