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5つのメリット HYアドバイザーズはお客様の「欲しい」にお応えいたします。

Strengths of HY Advisors (Five Advantages)

5つのメリットその1 Bilingual Capabilities

Japanese-English Bilingual Consultants

Our consultants at HY Advisors are all bilingual and can communicate in English and Japanese. HY Advisors is one of the few finance and accounting consulting firms in Japan, other than the “Big Four” accounting firms, that could provide complete services in both English and Japanese. Many of our consultants have backgrounds at the Big Four or foreign companies, are CPAs in the US and/or Japan, or have MBAs and other qualifications.

5つのメリットその2 Years of Working With Foreign Companies

US CPA Consultants with Work Experience in Japan

Over 90% of the clients for whom HY Advisors have provided services are foreign companies in Japan or their affiliates including clients that were originally Japanese companies but became subsidiaries of foreign companies after mergers and acquisitions. In many of these cases, employees were transferred from the Japanese companies after acquisitions, which required consultants to understand business practices of both Japanese and foreign companies, and possess communication skills for both. Many of the consultants at HY Advisors are US CPAs with experience working within Japanese companies.

5つのメリットその3 Onsite Projects

Onsite Services Tailored to Client Needs

Traditional accounting firms provide most of their services at their offices except for certain audits, which are conducted at the client site. In contrast, at HY Advisors we organize projects to solve our clients’ issues and provide services immediately by placing project teams onsite at client offices. If required, we can also “co-source” by adding client employees as members of our project teams.

5つのメリットその4 The Consultant Change System

Choosing the Right Consulting Partner

HY Advisors’ consultants meet and work with the employees of our clients on a daily basis. Therefore, we believe that good relationships must be maintained with the employees and, of course, client management throughout the project period. Thus, at HY Advisors we have implemented a system in which consultants who were in charge at the beginning of projects may be changed at our client’s request. This practice assures clients that projects will proceed without interruption in case of consultant skill mismatches and client incompatibilities.

5つのメリットその5 Consultant Designation

Working with Your Favorite Consultants

In principle, HY Advisors assigns consultants specialized in our clients’ industries. However, in recurring projects such as internal controls compliance, the client can designate consultants who have worked on the prior project.

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