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Prior Projects

Case Study3 Internal Controls Compliance Client Manufacturer of Semiconductors /Liquid Crystal Conveyance Systems

Phase 1 Project Reorganization
Client Issues

The client was originally a subsidiary of a Japanese manufacturer of precision equipment, though it had just become a consolidated subsidiary of a US-based parent company and needed to begin complying with US SOX as soon as possible. A SOX project leader from the US visited Japan and worked on the project from the company’s plant in Mie prefecture. However, progress shown by the existing members was not as desired.

Roles and Accomplishments of Our Consultants
  • Led to form a structure that divided work among bilingual consultant team members in documentation, testing, and evaluation of major business processes such as sales, inventory management, and financial reporting

Established working partnerships between the project leaders and existing members

Project Outcomes

We reorganized the team so that the project leader could guide it towards success.

Phase 2 Fieldwork
Client Issues

The client’s major business processes were conducted in the Mie plant, which required the careful scheduling of each consultant’s travel and project management on behalf of the frequently absent project leader.

Roles and Accomplishments of Our Consultants
  • Updated each consultant’s work in progress to the project leader, along with evaluations of SOX compliance for the major business processes assigned to us

Reviewed and ensured timely delivery of major deliverables

Project Outcomes

The SOX project was completed largely on schedule, and the client gave our consultants the highest feedback.

Phase 3 Audit Assistance
Client Issues

Auditors conducted an assessment of SOX processes performed by the client prior to their own SOX testing (i.e., direct reporting) as part of year-end audits. Those responsible for SOX compliance needed to respond to auditors in an appropriate fashion.

Roles and Accomplishments of Our Consultants
  • Appropriately responded to auditors by applying our consultants’ extensive prior experience as auditors in audit firms and their resultant deep understanding of SOX processes

Succeeded in drastically reducing additional tests to be performed by the auditors

Project Outcomes

Our consultants kept additional SOX tests performed by auditors to the bare minimum and guided the SOX project that year to success.

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